NiacinMax Supplement Reviews - Sep. 2019 Update!

Looking for a natural and legal way to boost your performance? Dump those steroids and opt for niacin supplements instead. One of the best legal supplement for improving your sports performance is NiacinMax.

It is a unique formula that has been launched after several types of research and is also clinically proven. It claims to be the fastest in the run and is approximately 45 times more effective than the other brands available.

NiacinMax is the best of all other supplements for nitric oxide because it makes use of “fast-dissolving niacin strips” instead of liquid and pills. Theoretically, this will bring instant action i.e., instant increase in the oxygen, blood flow, and nutrient absorption.

What is NiacinMax?

It is a fast acting high voltage vitamin supplement that has been scientifically formulated to modify muscle tissues, oxygenation, brain nutrition, and energy. The supplement enhances the oxygen and nutrient delivery into your muscles and triggers some important effects in your body that improves your overall performance. Manufactured by Wolfson Berg Ltd., this supplement is popular in the pharmaceutical industry for more than a decade because it delivers 75 mg of pure bio structured niacin that comes with protective elements to keep it intact till it reaches its ultimate destination.

Each of these supplements come in boxes containing 30 individual films that enhance the HGH level-up to 600%. It also affects the fat and muscle ratio because by boosting the metabolism rate in your body. Highly concentrated Niacin can also help in burning more fat with ease and puts on lean muscles.

Product Name NiacinMax
Brand: Wolfson Berg Ltd.
Ingredients Included In The Pill 75 mg Niacin
Legal 100% Legal
Prescription No Prescription Needed
Made in FDA Approved Labs Yes
Money Back Guarantee 60-Days Money Back Guarantee
Price $49.99 $39.99
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Benefits of Using NiacinMax

Increases the production of HGH or Human Growth Hormone
Boosts the flow of oxygen to your muscles
Increases energy and reduces fatigue
Increases the production of red blood cells
Improves physical performance of your body
Quick recovery
Muscle building and more fat reduction

How Does it Function?

Niacinmax Graph Chart

These are powerful Niacin strips that can quickly dissolve in your mouth and mix in your bloodstream, which is not the case with pills. Other supplements are available in pills and are digested by your body, allowing it to mix with other gastric juices. Since it directly enters in your bloodstream via mucous, it becomes more effective and powerful.

It effects the production of Red blood cells and increases the blood flow. Enhanced blood flow to the muscles of your body ensures increased energy and reduced fatigue. Apart from this, it also enhances the HGH production.

HGH improves the metabolism rate of your body when you are young. But the production of this hormone starts decreasing with your growing age, which means your body suddenly becomes prone to weight gain. But with Niacinmax, this problem also gets sorted because it increases the production of HGH by 600%, making it easier for you to lose weight.

Ingredients Used

There is one single ingredient present in the NiacinMax and i.e., 75mg pure Niacin per serving. Most other nitric oxide tends to contain a lot of other substances, but this one contains only pure, which makes it unique.


There are no risks of having gastrointestinal symptoms because it avoids that route completely. Because of the extreme niacin-content in the supplements, your body can experience flush. But this doesn’t happen with NiacinMax since it is milder and contains 75 mg of niacin only. Other supplements include 100 mg of niacin which provides an initial shock to your body.

Users Feedback About the Product

Consumers mostly opted for the supplements with higher niacin content, hoping to get better results. Since most of the substances got eliminated because of the gastric juices and enzymes, they hardly experienced any change.

But people who opted for NiacinMax had a different response. According to them, the niacin strip showed results beyond expectation. Firstly, they saw some improvement in the energy level. Plus, the citrus taste of these strips is also a refreshment for their taste buds. If compared to the other niacin supplement, then this is way more effective convenient. Unlike the other brands, this comes with a money back guarantee, which is the biggest value addition for customers.

Recommended Dosage

Since, 90% of the niacin included in the products is absorbed by your body, taking these in lower quantities also does the job. So, only one NiacinMax strip in the morning would be enough. You can have it anytime, but the best time would be having it on an empty stomach.

Niacin Supplement

Where to Buy NiacinMax?

NiacinMax is widely available on the internet and you can easily grab one. But buying it from the official website ensures security safety and originality of the product. Plus, you can get lucrative discounts on purchasing more than 1 unit of the product.

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