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Hey fellas! This is Benjamin here, a.k.a., Ben. The site you are viewing right now, www.hghofficial.com is my review site, where you will discover and locate some of the World’s No.1, Legal, Safe, and Prescription Free HGH (human growth hormone) releasers, that are well desired for anti-aging, height growth, and bodybuilding purposes.

Aside from reviewing health products, I am also the sole possessor of this webpage, which is created with the intention to study, review, analyse, announce and deliver products made under quality and safety guidelines. Hence, every product propounded by this website is formulated with 100% Natural Ingredients under the strict guidelines of the FDA and cGMP approved facilities.

Being a male, a good height, stout build and an attractively sculpted physique is a source of confidence and high self-esteem. But, as I experienced from the rise in age, by stature, built, strength, performance, skin elasticity, metabolism, energy, sex drive, and every other ability got directly affected, thereby causing constant distress, lack of confidence and low self-pride. And, the only cause to blame was the reduced production of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

HGH or Human growth hormone is one of the most vital hormones in the human body, that is produced, stored and released by the anterior pituitary gland and is responsible for regulating a wide range of bodily functions, that is, controlling body compositions, body fluids, bone and muscle growth, strength, sugar and fat metabolism, heart functions and the list of features of this hormone seems endless.

But unfortunately, this essential growth hormone gradually takes a downhill in every animal specie with the constant rise in age.

So, as soon as I marched into my early 40, I had started experiencing such incompetence, and therefore the constant helplessness and frustration of feeling inadequate. At first, I didn’t quite emphasize on the effectivity of this hormone. Instead, I focused on a healthy diet, reducing carb intakes, energy drinks, vitamin and energy capsules, etc. But, nothing seemed to contribute to that extent.

To overcome this wretched situation, I was basically ready to make any changes in my lifestyle, which would thereby help me redeem my lost potential. It was right about then, I reached out to my fitness trainer at the gym, to seek some advice as I could barely digest the devastating facts of age gain and the restrictions.

My fitness trainer, then mentioned about a couple of Illegal and risky procedures like Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and use of anabolic steroids to boost the HGH production and reclaim the rejuvenating benefits of youth, like strength, muscle mass, performance, etc.

The thought of going down the illegal road shattered by dreams and the desire of regaining the strength and vigour of youth. But, be it anything I was hell-bent on preserving my health first and not introducing any illegal or harmful techniques, especially when it concerned by health, wellness, and well-being.

The basic idea elucidated by hormone replacement procedures is to increase the production of the growth hormone in my body by the use of synthetic and artificial injection of growth hormone. But that very idea of boosting the production of GH, got my horses excited, and then I started exploring for natural techniques with which I could improve the production of growth hormone in my body naturally, safely and WITHOUT the use of steroids, injections, drugs or replacement strategies, instead adapt ways like diets, certain foods and natural supplementations.

I then indulged in thorough research and came across vital nutrients and ingredients that are scientifically verified to increase the production of the body’s own natural production of GH, thereby positively impacting the immune system, cognitive abilities, sleep patterns, nails, skin, height, bone density, bone growth, healthy joints and cartilages, sex drive, muscle mass, and more.

Initially, I thought of adding those essential nutrients and ingredients directly in my diet, but it is essential to acknowledge that the benefits of every ingredient are exhibited when taken in the recommended dosage.

Accordingly, I then looked up online for supplement brands that include those special ingredients in their formula, such as L-arginine, L-glutamine, L-Glycine, L-Lysine GABA, Pituitary powder, etc. in their optimal blend and in recommended dosage.

It was during my research when I came across various HGH releasers, but none of them provided the ingredients I was looking for or in the recommended dosage.

Then I invariably thought of looking up for the ingredients instead and focusing on brands/products in order to find the best match.

After a long course of research, I struck on certain HGH releasing natural products like, Growth Factor Plus, HyperGH 14x, GenFX, Klicks, GenF20 Plus, Niacin Max and hgh products (which I picked after in-depth research and study on the ingredient list), as these brands rightfully combined the ingredients in their formula that I was looking for and in the rightful/recommended amounts as laid down by experts.

At first, I wanted to try them all, as I was too impressed by the benefits these products claimed to offer and I desperately wanted by lost vigour back. But, that was definitely not possible, and so, I picked one out of these best options that are available in the market.

And, I ordered for my first HyperGH14x (pills & spray) formula to kick start my journey. Feasible and easy-to-follow 2-step formula, the HyperGH14x Oral capsules and spray required 2X daily dosing for both the pills and spray.

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At first, I apparently couldn’t identify any difference in my body, but as I proceeded through the course mentioned, I was astonished to see and feel the constant and steady changes in my muscle mass, lost weight, boosted energy, intensified strength, faster recovery, and quality sleep patterns.

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Not only was I satisfied with the recent developments in by physique, but had also regained that confidence, self-love, and self-worth that I lost in the process.

I may not be a social worker, but I do understand the disturbing challenges that people experience with the gain in age, as I too was a sufferer and therefore have walked in those nipping shoes.

Hence, to help both men and women above 30’s and 40’s, who are fighting a constant battle with the limitation of age, I have fairly designed this reviewing site, so that we can all safely, naturally and effectively redeem the confidence, vigour, and vitality of youth by improving the body’s natural production of growth hormone.

Note: It is advisable to abstain from illegal procedures, or employing surgical and unnatural techniques to recuperate the losses we experience with the increase in age, as they are dangerous, risky and triggers various health complications, which we would certainly not want to encounter.

Thanks for visiting my website. You can navigate, explore and learn about the best and the latest trending anti-aging, bodybuilding and height growth formulas from here.