Ana-GH – An Ultimate Way To Muscle Gains

When muscle gain became a trend in the past, bodybuilders had no other option that to consume illegal steroids. These steroids were made out of artificial testosterone hormones and had a profound, incredible effect on the body. The bodybuilding world was not just satisfied, but completely impressed with the amazing outcomes of the steroids.

But in due course of time, the dangerous effects of these steroids came into surface. Studies showed how these steroids were causing a harmful effect on their body. These were not only harming their liver, heart but were also causing a fatal risk to a person. Hence, numerous legal restrictions were put on these steroids. Some countries such as US, UK have even completely banned the use of these steroids. If an athlete is found consuming these illegal steroids, he or she is suspended from the game.

But the healthcare industry didn’t lose hope. They came up with natural and safe alternatives to these steroids. With a massive research on this subject, they created supplements derived from natural herbs, essential nutrients such as minerals and vitamins. These supplements were relieving and highly-effective for the bodybuilders and the athletes.

One of such popular supplements in the bodybuilding segment is Ana-GH, which leads to impressive muscle gains in a person. Let’s know more about it.

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Ana-GH Review

What Is Ana-GH?

Ana-GH is the favorite bulking compound of most of the bodybuilders and power lifters to experience muscle gains, strength and an amazing bulking cycle.

With a proprietary blend and other ingredients, this supplement will provide you with the best results.

How Does It Work?

Using non-androgen receptor-meditated mechanisms, Ana-GH has an anabolic impact. As there is a high anabolic activity in contrast with the low androgenic activity, it delivers hard-core muscle gains to you. Due to the water retention properties contained in it, Ana-GH works as a lubricant and has a soft effect on the joints and tendons. As a result, there are lesser chances of fractures and other injuries.

This supplement is a result of the muscle growth and bodybuilding elements derived from the nature. Unlike other powders or protein shakes, this will not result in any stomach related problems such as bloating and uneasiness.

How Ana-GH Works

Ana-Gh Ingredients

The valuable ingredients in Ana-GH will do the needful. A list is given for your reference:

L-Arginine Logo

L-Arginine: [1]

It triples the growth hormone levels, and increases your capacity to exercise more efficiently. It also reduces the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. It burns fat, promotes healing, and as you cannot get this ingredient from your daily food, this supplement will give it to you.

L-Valine Logo


An amino acid, this ingredient can be consumed only through a dietary supplement. It stimulates the process of muscle metabolism – formation, repairing and development of muscles. It also maintains a sufficient nitrogen balance. It gives you the necessary energy too.

L-Leucine Logo


It preserves the lean muscle mass, provides energy, and protects the muscle glycogen. It also boosts your thinking abilities. It has tremendous healing properties. It releases the HGH- human growth hormone for various gains.

L-Isoleucine Logo


The best ingredient for increasing endurance is L-Isoleucine. When combined with the above ingredients, it quickens the recovery time after a fitness session. It also regulates your glucose levels.

L-Arginine Logo


This amino acid is responsible for various physiological processes such as release of growth hormone, excretion of wastes, and boosting of immunity. It improves fat metabolism and fights against free radicals.

Acetyle-L-Carnitine Logo


It improves cognitive abilities of the brain and improves fat metabolism. It also reduces depression and other low-mindset feelings.

L-Alanine Logo


An energy source and a building block of protein, this ingredient is useful in this supplement.

Cysteine Logo


Full of anti-oxidants, this ingredient increases blood flow and nurtures lean muscle mass.

Horny Goat Weed Logo

Horny Goat Weed:

It increases sexual drive, promotes endurance and stamina, increases testosterone levels, and gives you a high-performing ability. This ingredient is included in many testosterone-boosting supplements.

Why Ana-GH Is Better Than Other Muscle Building Supplement Brands?

No harsh effects: Whether it is your sleep, appetite or your stomach, Ana-GH will not cause any harsh effect on it unlike other supplements.

A legal alternative: It is legal and safe to buy Ana-GH. In short, it is a healthy replacement for the Anadrol steroids.

Serves many benefits: Other supplements will target on only one specific area. But Ana-GH is a revolutionary supplement that results in gains, safeguarding of bones and water retention.


  • Muscle mass gain: Ana-GH is a bulking compound that guarantees muscle mass gains. This is not just a one-liner but the experience of many customers.
  • Water retention: A lot of bodybuilders and weight lifters have a problem of water retention in the body. The researchers at HGH analyzed this problem and created Ana-GH to target this problem area.
  • Joint and Muscle Repair: Yes, all the fitness freaks need that. Due to the blasting workouts and dynamic fitness sessions, there is a large possibility to have joint and muscle problems. Ana-GH works on this aspect too.
  • Quick strength gain: You have to lift those weights in order to gain muscles. And for that, you need a lot of strength. Ana-GH knows this and provides you with the same.
  • Increase in appetite: You can eat sufficient, healthy food with this supplement.
  • Anadrol Replacement: This is a legal, nutritious and safe alternative for the steroid, Anadrol.

Ana Gh Side Effects

No. You will not experience any side effects. Customers have reported that they have not experienced anything unpleasant and negative after consuming this supplement. In case you would like to know how they have felt, then you can check the reviews tab on the website.

Doctor Recommended Ana-GH

If it seems to be unreasonable to you, then a doctor’s consultation before consuming this will be the best decision on your part. Persons suffering from any medical problems should never skip this step.

It is advisable to be more than 18 years to consume this supplement. For those below 18 years, good food and exercise will do the job.

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Ana-GH

1. Ana-GH will give you the desired effects within 3-4 weeks of time.

2. It is available at an attractive discount rate, free shipping option and with an additional discount on the coupon code.

3. You can stack it appropriately with a supplement from the same company.

4. No side effects, no jittery feelings, no sleep problems with this supplement.

5. It provides other benefits such as muscle and joint repair, and reduction in water retention problem.

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Will It Work For Me?

Definitely. If you suffer from inadequate appetite, and no muscle gains, then Ana-GH will serve the purpose within 3-4 weeks itself.


This customer gained muscles within 15 days of the usage. His problem of lack of appetite was reduced considerably.

- Mark C Toronto, Canada

He purchased this product prior to its release. In 3 weeks, he gained more than 8 pounds, and an incredible muscle gain. He is planning to consume this supplement for the next 3-4 months with an appropriate stack. He is also working out 3-4 times a week for effective results.

- John A Detroit, US

Ana GH Offer


If you buy 2 bottles, you can get one for free. But the real surprise lies in buying a bulk package as follows:

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If your order is exceeding $250, then your shipping charges will be waived off. You can buy a stack to gain this benefit.

Currently, the site is running a shopping code ‘20PCTOFF’. By applying this code on your purchase, you can get an additional discount of 20 percent. Superb, isn’t it!

Don’t worry about the quality. Discount does not mean that the quality will be compromised. You are still getting the best quality and genuine product from the company.

Conclusively, Ana-GH is the supplement that will increase your weight and muscles in a healthy manner, by increasing your appetite. With no known side effects, it can be availed at a much discounted price. Don’t forget to check on the site for more exciting offers.

Ana-GH - at a glance

Purpose of Ana-GH Ana-GH has been formulated to promote muscle gain and strength.
Recommended Dosage Well, this seems to be a large dosage but it is effective and safe for you. You are supposed to consume 8 capsules in a day – 4 in the morning and 4 in the evening. You may even consume the said dosage at one time. If you feel that this would be more than enough, then you can approach your doctor for suitable instructions.
Benefits The benefits of Ana-GH are muscle gains, strength, increase in appetite, and muscle repair.
Brand Name HGH
Price One bottle of Ana-GH capsules will cost you approximately $59.99.
Can Ana-GH be used in cycle? Yes. Ana-GH can be used in bulking cycles.
When can a person experience gains out of Ana-GH supplements? One person can experience gains within 4 weeks by consuming Ana-GH capsules. Some customers have even experienced a pack on their muscles in less than 2 weeks.
Any side effects No
Can a person get his doubts clarified? Of course. One can participate in the HGH Community Forum to share their doubts and questions regarding the bulking cycle, dosage, stacking, diet, exercise and so on.
Can a person post his review or experience? Yes. If you would like to share your feedback, you can definitely do so through on the Review tab of the website. In case of a grievance, you can drop an email to the customer support team of HGH and get it resolved.
Are the payments safe? Yes. All online payments are protected, including your confidential details.
Can a person find a stacking supplement for Ana-GH? Yes. It is mostly recommended to stack Ana-GH with Clen XDV. For further suggestions, try contacting the customer support team at HGH.
Is there any ongoing offer? Yes. Do check the section ‘Offers and Promotions’ on this page. For further details, check the official site too.
Where To Buy Ana-GH? Visit Official Website

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