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Along with an exclusive testosterone booster, you should also consider taking an HGH releaser in order to run the biological clock of your body in reverse. An HGH booster will not only make you stay young but will also enhance the metabolism rate of your body. Adding synthetic HGH hormones can be an option, but it's expensive, illegal and also requires doctor's prescription. Instead of incurring all this trouble, you can also opt for an alternative way to enhance the HGH level in your body naturally like making use of HyperGH 14X.

HyperGH 14x - Spray & Supplement

Numerous brands are available these days that claims to naturally boost the Human Growth Hormone level in your body. But most of them are fake and can cause serious issues on your body. When we first came across HyperGH 14X, we were highly skeptical about it. We gave it a try after using a lot of other HGH releasers, which are not even available these days. Not surprisingly, most of these failed in proving what they claimed.

But the case was a little different for HyperGH 14X. We were attracted to the fact that it was available in not just spray or pill, it was a combination of both. Two of these delivery systems are capable of offering you an overall effectiveness and effective transfer of ingredients. But are the ingredients included in it can be called effective or useful for your body?

Product Name HyperGH 14x
Brand: Leading Edge Health
Best Benefits
  • Effective at stimulating HGH
  • Every ingredient is a known precursor to enhance HGH production
  • No proprietary blend
  • Lean Muscle Mass increased
  • Strips soft body fat away
  • Little workout and bigger results
  • Quick Recovery Times
  • Aging Effects reversed
  • No Injections
Legal 100% Legal
Prescription No Prescription Needed
Made in FDA Approved Labs Yes
Express International Shipping Yes
Money Back Guarantee 60-Days Money Back Guarantee
Price Combo Price $119.98 $79.99
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Ingredients Used in HyperGH 14x

HyperGh 14X is a definitely a unique blend or combination of some rare and useful nutrients balanced and scientifically proven to stimulate the pituitary gland and increase the generation of HGH. If you take a quick look at the ingredients that have been used in the supplement, you can make out that a very unique and complex blend of ingredients has been used, half of which are amino acids (the primary HGH booster). The Spray is a bit special because it includes a very powerful HGH precursor along with other enhancing additives and amino acids. Here is a list of ingredients used in the HyperGh 14X pill:

L- Lysine
Tribulus Terrestris Extract
Deer Antler Velvet
Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)
Pituitary (Anterior) Powder
GTF Chromium
Astragalus Root Extract

Ingredients Included in the HyperGh 14X Spray

Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate
Moomiyo Extract
Mucuna Pruriens (seeds)
Alpha GPC

Just like the pill, this spray also consists of L- Glycine, L- Valine, L- Lysine, L- Arginine, L- Glutamine, and GABA.

Recommended Dosage of the Supplement

The supplement is very simple and straightforward to use. For pills, you should take two pills daily, one in the morning and another during your bedtime.

Similarly, the spray should be used once in the morning, before workout and once during the bedtime.

HyperGh 14X Results Reviewed

HyperGH14x Testimonial
To get the best and accurate result, we considered taking the pill alone and not combine with any other supplements. We made out subject take the pill and spray every day as it was prescribed.

Around the 4th day of usage, we could notice some subtle changes. There was a slight lift in the energy level and mood of our subject, which became more prominent after using it for 2 weeks constantly.

We continued the test for 90 days and could notice some serious changes like quick recovery after an intense workout session, muscle mass increased, body fat breakdown, boosted energy and better sleep. Our subject liked it so much that we had to order 3 months additional supply again.

HyperGh 14X for Bodybuilders and Athletes

If you are a bodybuilder or an athlete, you have already considered using an HGH releaser or planning to use one pretty soon. Or maybe you had one in your routine previously but got utterly disappointed with the results. Lot many people in the forum will tell you these are worthless and scams. Well, even we agree to that till some extent, but after meeting HyperGh 14X, we can definitely say “Not Everyone” is similar.

HyperGH 14x Money Back Gurantee

If you are using this product as directed, you are sure to get a must leaner and stronger body than before. The workout sessions will seem more productive. The three months experiment that we carried on our subject, we could see that he made fantastic gains during his gym sessions. His arms, legs, chests have become noticeably larger. Even the abs were popping out from his body.

HyperGH 14x Oral Spray

Needless to say, we are highly impressed with the supplement and would like to recommend it to every other bodybuilder and athlete. We know the pain of disappointment, and we don’t one any bodybuilding enthusiast to face it. The sole purpose of our review was to make that route a little easier and quicker for our fellow mates.

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